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如何建立唱歌的自信 Building Confidence in Singing



想像一下要在很多人面前大聲唱歌是多可怕的一件事。但唱歌課程能夠令你克服恐懼,幫你建立自信,而你從中學習到的不只是單單幫助到唱歌,在職場上,你可能亦需要在一大群人面前匯報,這個時候你學到的自信便能大派用場。來sing and you唱歌學校+852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp)學習建立自信的方法。

It’s time to stop just singing during bathing. Lean in!

Singing courses help students enhance their confidence.

Imagine you’re now stand in front of a bunch of people and ready to sing. How awful it is!

Don’t worry. Come sing and you +852 21461188/ 96981248(whatsapp). We can help you overcome the fear. After finishing our courses, apart from sing confidently, you can also present confidently in front your boss. Now you know it, sign up a singing course is totally worth it. Take action now!


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