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Develop a powerful singing

Develop a powerful singing


Have you ever think about this question while singing? Where is your voice from?

From diaphragm, vocal cords or mouth?

You have a pair of vocal cords.

For male singer, it’s very easy to find it.

For female singer, you can try to swallow your own saliva and you’ll feel the air go up and down.

When we take a breath in, the vocal cords stay open.

So your voice and breath will go to your lungs, and then they close.

When you are singing and breaths out, they start to vibrate. It is your vibration on your vocal cords that created your voice.

Please imagine it. If there is the wind coming to a piece of paper, you will hear the sound.

It just likes our vocal cords. When the air goes in and out, it will pump the vibration.

Thus, your sound comes from the vibration on your vocal cords while you are singing.

If you want to have a bigger and stronger voice, you need more air which is breathing to make you enjoy your singing.

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唱歌時,您有沒有想過這個問題? 你的歌聲來自哪裡?







當您唱歌和呼氣時,它們會開始振動。 聲帶上的振動會產生您的歌聲。





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