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Every Coach in Sing &You Provides You With Splendid Vocal Coaching Quality!

In Sing & You, you can learn the vocal technique with our Principal Steve Tam or other vocal coaches trained by the Principal.

As some may cast doubt on the coaching quality of other singing teachers in Sing&You, to ensure the students' progress and the quality of our vocal coaches, the Principal drops by the class whenever he has a gap between classes. In the video above, Chloes was beyond excited to receive compliments from the Principal! Not only did she wear a big smile on her face when she stepped out of the classroom, but she also got the motivation to practice and improve! It's impressive that she mastered 3 songs after learning in Sing&You for a month! All these were done with one of our passionate vocal coaches, Elma. In addition, the Principal discusses Chloe and all other students' progress with singing teachers regularly.

With the effort and cooperation of everyone at Sing&You, we are proud to say that lessons by any coaches you take in here are quality proved as we aim to help kids explore their vocal talent in an encouraging and joyful environment!

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