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How do singers protect their voices?

How do singers protect their voices?


Professional singers treat their vocal cords just as athletes treat their bodies.

The best protection is the technique of good posture and singing. The sound always needs to be supported by the body's larger muscles - poor posture can cause muscle and sound tension.

The singer needs to keep the moisture inside the body so that the vocal cords remain soft. Drink two to three litres of normal temperature water in one day.

The singer should avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking, etc.

The lifestyle of the singers is very important, they need to have enough energy to perform singing. However, it is not possible to eat in the middle of the night to prevent stomach acid from rising to the oesophagus during sleep, causing back acid reflux and causing vocal cord damage.

Singers also avoid eating spicy or acidic foods such as apples, tomatoes and carbonated drinks.

The singers often spend some time on “vocal rest” and are completely silent, stop talking within 48 hours, and let their voices recover with time. Sore throat, especially when the throat is inflamed, can't talk, so the sound has time to rest.

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How do singers protect their voices?



最好的保護是良好的姿勢和唱歌的技術。聲音總是需要由身體更大的肌肉來支撐 - 不良的姿勢會導致肌肉和聲音緊張。




歌手們也會避免吃辛辣或酸性的食物 - 例如蘋果、西紅柿和碳酸飲料。


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