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問:怎樣適當調整令自己達到良好的唱歌狀態呢?“I don’t know how to have a good singing condition.” Is that your problem?

答:其實每個人的唱歌條件及問題都不一樣,不能一概而論,適合A的方法不一定適合B,反之亦然。 不過大部份人都能循序漸進地從以下3個步驟來調整自己以達到良好的唱歌狀態:首先留意發聲的部份,如何有效地運用聲帶,發出集中的聲線,是所有唱歌技巧的第一步;其次要調整良好的呼吸方法,把氣息的支持跟發聲好好結合起來,才能唱出有力量及隨心所欲的聲音;最後利用不同的共鳴位置把聲音進行修飾及美化,把漂亮的音色釋放出來。 把身體調整到適合唱歌 的最佳狀態後,再處理歌曲演繹的部份,包括咬字、樂感節奏感、感情處理及層次等,從而唱出動人的歌聲。 大家可以反覆進行以上幾個步驟把唱歌的狀態慢慢調整好,初學者可能需要多一些時間,大概需要半小時至一小時才能完全開聲,熟練後時間會越來越快。Sing and You正正能幫到你去進步、成功,歡迎來電查詢: Sing and You 唱歌學校 +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp).

A:Most people can adjust their condition gradually through the following ways:

First, be aware of how you attack. Using your vocal cord effectively and make a concentrated voice are the first step of all singing techniques. Second, adjust your way of breathing. The support of breathing together with attack can sing powerfully. Lastly, use different resonance areas to beautify the sound.

After adjusting our body, then we can focus on how we interpret the song. This include: diction, musicality, rhythm sensation, emotion and layers. Then you can sing in a moving voice.

Repeat the above steps to adjust the singing condition. Beginners may need more time, about half to one hour to warm up your voice completely. Don’t worry! The time needed would be shorter and shorter after practicing!

Everyone has different singing condition and problem. There is no a standard formula for all singers to achieve a good singing condition. Sing and you can help you learn to sing. Let Dr. Steve and other vocal coach help you in no time!Call Sing and You 21461188 or WhatsApp us 96981248.

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