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Singing Improves Parkinson’s Symptoms and Quality of Life

Singing Improves Parkinson’s Symptoms and Quality of Life


Parkinson’s symptom is a chronic neurological degeneration disease. It is currently affecting about 1 million of the Americans.

Patients suffering from Parkinson's symptom may find impairments in behaviours, which lead to trembling in four limbs, slowness in movements, physical incoordination and emotional. Apart from these, they may overcome impairments in breathing and voice which negatively affect their quality of life.

Some research indicate that singing can help to relief Pakinson’s symptoms. One on hand, singing can help to enhance the strength of voice,pitch and sooth swallowing problem. On the other side of the table, it provides happiness to patients which lowers the chance of being emotional. Although the effects are not shown significantly, it is one of the optimal ways to delay the condition.

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WhatsApp us : +852-9698-1248


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