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唱歌小貼士 Singing tips

  • 不要迫自己呼吸。呼吸應該是流動的。

  • 不要把你的舌頭頂在牙齒後面,把它放在下排牙齒上方,幾乎伸出來。保持你的下巴放鬆。

  • 找准音調。這類似於唱和聲時,現在試試!聲音可以簡單地擴展,想像一下你的聲音只是講話大聲了一點,要練習聲音就要通過對的吸氣方法和呼氣擴大它。

  • 隨時練習正確的呼吸方法。對的呼吸方法可以提高耐力,令你唱更長的時間。

  • 姿勢坐好,保持較高的母音。

  • 為了幫助你練習呼吸,把手放在肚子上,感覺正確的動作。男生可以勒緊腰帶對抗肚內空氣。

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  • Do not force yourself breathing. Your breath should be flowing.

  • Do not put your tongue behind your teeth, try to put it on top of the lower teeth. Keep your chin relaxed so as to sing better.

  • Find the tone. This is similar to sing harmony. Try it! Your sound can be simply extended. Imagine that you’re just speaking a bit louder, the way to practice your voice is through the proper inhale and expand it.

  • Practice what’s the right way to breathe any time you like. Breathing in the right way can improve your endurance, allowing you to sing longer.

  • Sit uptight, keep a higher vowel sound.

  • In order to help your practice, put your hand on the stomach and feel the right action. Men can also tighten the belt to against the air inside your belly.

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