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克服舞台恐懼感 Overcoming Stage Fear

每個表演者都會有恐懼感。他們會透過心率升高、口乾、手抖動或顫抖的手、顫抖的聲音、持續需要清除喉嚨或整體上關閉歌詞或音樂的記憶來。 對於一個歌手,因為我們的樂器是我們的聲音,所以可能更難隱藏恐懼感。恐懼感是來自於自己的不自信和對作品不熟練。 想要克服舞台恐懼感,最佳辦法是踏上舞台。因此我們學校常常鼓勵學生多演出。越多演出,經驗越豐富,自信也因此而提升了。

如果你希望自己的唱歌能進步,自信能增加,那麼我鼓勵你參加我們學校的迷你演唱會課程,累積舞台經驗,鍛練唱歌技巧。查詢:2146-1188/ 9698-1248

Every performer has his or her own fear. It can manifest itself in many different ways, such as racing heart, dry mouth, shaky hands, quivering voice, a consistent need to clear the throat, or a total blank out not remembering any of the lyrics or music.

The good news is that practices make perfect. There is no better way to overcome stage fright then to walk onto the stage and perform – for many, many times. Therefore we at Sing and You have never hesitated to put our students on the stage. Stage experience is something that every singer needs – the more the better.

If you want to improve your stage presence and stage confidence, or just to brush up your singing techniques in a short time, I highly recommend you to join Sing and You's mini concert class. Talk to our staff and tell us your needs, and let us help you turn your dreams into reality. Enquiry: 2146-1188 / 9698-1248


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