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學唱歌步驟 steps of singing

1.練習呼吸: 練習呼吸可以幫助你控制音調和持續時間。毫無疑問,呼吸得更深更持久,就能發聲更久。

  • 練習打開喉部,放鬆並打開下巴,然後伸展面部肌肉。

  • 熱身之前嘗試以下的呼吸運動:

  • 開始時深深地吸幾口氣,吸進去時想像空氣特別重。

  • 讓呼吸達到肚臍以下,進入你的隔膜。呼氣,再重複幾次。



  • 演唱音符的順序可以是C-D-E-F-G-F-E-D-C,每唱一個新的音階向上移一個半拍/向下移一個半拍。



  • 咬字是否清晰,尤其是母音。

  • 正確地呼吸,聲樂學得越進階,延續的聲音要越長,同時要讓聲音在控制範圍內。為了做到這一點,你要不斷練習。


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1. Practise breathing. Breathing exercises allow you to better control the pitch and duration of singing. Obviously, the deeper and more lasting your breathe is, the longer your sound is.

Try to open your throat. Relax and open the chin. Start stretching the facial muscles.

Before warm up, try the following step:

First, take a deep inhalation. When sucking in, imagine that the air is heavy.

Let breathe reach below the navel, go into your diaphragm and repeated several times.

2. Next, warm up your vocal cords. It needs to be stretched before singing. You can different ways to warm up.

e.g. Practice the main scale, starting from the middle C, and lower half key before moving up. Do not force yourself before singing and try to move slowly.

The order of the note can be C-D-E-F-G-F-E-D-C,before starting a new scale, either by a half-up, or by a half-shot.

3. Find your own vocal range. Your range should be between your lowest and highest notes. Find the scale exercises on the internet or in the textbook and see which note is the one can’t sing.

4. Recording while singing. Make sure that the volume is low, so you can hear the sound clear. Afterwards, check if your voice is on the tune and also check if you:

  • pronunciation is clear, especially vowels.

  • use the right way to breathe, with time, your breathing ought to be longer, but also ensure it’s under control. To do this, you have to keep practicing

5. practice every day. Do breathing exercises and warm-up everyday.

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