Stop being nervous while performing singing. #2

Stop being nervous while performing singing. #2

在表演唱歌時不要緊張 #2

Five tips:

I. Effective preparation

This means understanding your singing performance positioning and taking the time to map it out. Give yourself a literal or spiritual point to keep you right. Make sure your intent to sing a performance is clear.

2. Set the tone

This includes preparing and rehearsing your sentences. Make sure you take a deep breath, feel the energy coming to your position, pay attention to the smile, and grasp the opportunity to share your songs, let the breath and singing come directly from you.

3. When you need a moment to get back to the track, breathe the connection

Many people mistakenly believe that the audience can check your breathing and let them see your nervousness. Quite the contrary, taking a very deliberate breath sends a message that you are thinking about your words and lyrics, weighing their importance or at a deeper level, connecting with your thoughts, which are understood by every listener. And enjoy the wonderful information.

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Stop being nervous while performing singing. #2


一. 有效的準備


二. 設定音調


三. 當您需要片刻回到正軌時呼吸連接


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