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8 ways to keep your voice safe #2

保持你的聲帶安全的8種方法 #2

4. Avoid cold or overly hot drinks

Your vocal cords are very sensitive. The coldness will cause them to be tight, and make you difficult to sing. Drinking too hot can increase your risk of esophageal cancer. Thus, warm drinks are good for your voice and singing.

5. Avoid eating dairy products before performing

Dairy products creates phlegm, to make you difficult to sing.

6. Use your diaphragm to sing properly

It can avoid your vocal cords become damage. If you use it improperly, permanent damage can happen.

7. Do not take anything that numbs it if you get a sore throat

When the anaesthetic wears off, your throat will get hurt, even worse than before. Hence, you should drink warm liquids, gargling with salt water, drink juice, and eat soup.

8. Avoid drinking caffeine before any performance.

Caffeine makes your vocal cords become tight. It temporarily hinders your range and endurance of singing.

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你的聲帶非常敏感。 冷飲會使聲帶收緊,讓你難以唱歌。 喝太熱飲料會增加患食道癌的風險。 因此,喝常溫的飲料對您的聲音有益。




它可以避免你的聲帶受損。 如果使用不當,可能會造成永久性的聲帶損壞。


當麻醉劑消失時,你的喉嚨會受到傷害,甚至比以前更糟。 因此,你應該喝常溫的液體,用鹽水漱口,喝果汁,吃湯。


咖啡因會使你的聲帶變緊。 它會暫時阻礙了你的歌唱範圍和耐力。

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