How Singing Affects Your Brain唱歌如何影響大腦

How Singing Affects Your Brain


Perhaps, many of you might heard of the emancipation of endorphins during singing. But after all, how many of you know clearly about the positive effects of singing? In fact, once these happy hormones are released, it boosts our immune system, improves our memory and even enhances our entire brain function that makes our cogitation clearer. Whether you are a professional singer or a “bathroom singer”, singing will bring you diversified benefits.

Anytime, anywhere. No matter you are standing, sitting or lying down, once you are ready, you can start singing. Group singing is relatively endearing in lowering the level of cortisol when comparing to solo singing. Singers’ nervousness, anxiety or sadness will reduce alongside the singing process. It can be seen that music is healing and all around us!

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