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Vocal Corporate Training 聲樂企業培訓

Vocal Corporate Training 聲樂企業培訓

Want to Sound Like a Leader? Start by Singing with Them | Steve Tam| Sing and You

在香港般分秒必爭的環境中,工作和OT佔我們生活的一個很大的部份。 In the fast-paced working environment, one is easily exhausted from the daily toil.

今次SAYMusic將音樂帶進職場,為企業帶來不一樣的培訓體驗。 This time, SAYMusic brought the power of music into the workplace environment.

在4小時濃縮課程內,Dr. Steve傳授靚聲要訣,迅速提升學生的唱歌技巧。 In the 4-hour crash course, Dr. Steve taught the key secrets to sing better

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