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音樂刺激想象力 Music Triggers Imagination

一小段音樂給予我們無窮的想象空間,而唱歌更能把我們心中的想象力展露出來!我們經常邊聆聽歌詞,邊想象歌曲的設定背景。例如,當我們聽到首輕快的情歌,就能想象到戀愛中的甜蜜。但當我們聽到首悲傷的情歌時,就會想像情侶吵架分手的場面。音樂能刺激我們的想象力,而這也是父母自小就讓自己的孩子聽不同童謠的原因。來Sing and You學唱歌,發揮自己的想象力及創造空間吧!

如果你對唱歌有疑問,不如約一堂唱歌班,讓聲樂導師幫你解決唱歌上的問題吧!只要找到好老師學唱歌,每個孩子都能好像校長Steve 學生譚芷昀成為小巨肺!歡迎來電查詢: Sing and You +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

A tiny piece of music provide tremendous space and possibility for imagination, and singing helps us express that! People often understand the songs through lyrics and imagine the story background of the song. Take a simple example, when people listen to vivid love songs, they will imagine the sweetness between a pair of couples. However, when they heard of a sad love song, they immediately imagine the sorrow in love. That’s why parents often sing lullabies to babies, which can start boosting their imagination from a young age.

Do you children love music? One of most direct ways to nurture their interest in music is teaching them to sing! Every kid can excel in singing like Steve's student Celine Tam provided the right vocal coaching by an excellent vocal coach. Come to Steve and his vocal coach team for a trial session! Call Sing and You +852 21461188 or Whatsapp us 96981248.

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