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Singing Advice #2 如果你想成為專業的話.... If you want to be professional....

Singing Advice #2 如果你想成為專業的話....


如果你認真地想成為一名專業的歌手,你必需與你的聲樂教練一起練習。專業的聲樂教練將使你的聲音比現在更好10倍。如果達不到,那麼他們就不是正確的聲樂教練。如果你想在沒有專業聲樂老師的指導下練習, 想令你的聲音更有力量和更持久,你好容易會陷入困境。

Singing Advice#2 If you want to be professional.... Join a Vocal Class.

If you seriously want to be a professional vocalist, you must practice with your vocal coach. The professional vocal coach will make your voice 10 times better than now. If not, they are not the right one. If you want to practice without the guidance of a professional vocal teacher, and want to make your voice more powerful and more durable, you will get into trouble easily.

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