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Can Anybody Learn How To Sing Opera? 任何人都可以學唱歌劇?

Can Anybody Learn How To Sing Opera?


Is it so difficult to learn opera? Our voice box are innate which is the same as our nimble

limbs. Therefore, we can definitely control our muscles through training in order to produce operatic sound. As long as receiving a good instruction and insisting in daily practices, you may also sing riveting opera.

When opera just arisen, the majority of the Americans regarded this kind of music as weird. Only the wealthy or the aged are admired and enjoyed. Tickets of the rock and pop music concerts are even selling better than those of opera. Gradually, opera assimilated into the mainstream music, singers even deduce pop music with Americans’ opera accent. Perhaps, opera is growing in popularity because it can express the plot of a play through singing and music. It is relatively interesting and attractive when comparing to reading aloud a plot.

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Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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