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夢醒時分 (Steve x Steve Duet Cover) ​At Moments of Dreams Waking 陳淑樺 伍佰

夢醒時分 (Steve x Steve Duet Cover) At Moments of Dreams Waking 陳淑樺 伍佰 校長Steve展示了他的Solo和Duet演唱能力以及你喜歡哪一首?在他的youtube頻道上評論喜歡和分享給你的朋友作為一個大支持 Principal Dr. Steve showing his Solo and Duet singing abilities and which one you like it? Comment at his youtube channel with a Like and Share to your friends as a Big Support Watch on youtube: 夢醒時分 StevexSteve Duet Cover: Duet 夢醒時分 Steve Tam Slolo Cover:

More music videos here:

Also try SAYMusic Studio Experience Each of the students will be required to record a song in the studio so as to gain practical recording experience. Program Fee Book A Trial 預約試堂 : 96981248

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