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Tips on Singing by Microphones: Distance 唱歌的用咪方法-距離

Singing with mic but without proper mic positioning will adversely affect singing quality. If you are holding the mic too close, your voice may sound muffled. If you are holding the mic too far away, your voice may not be picked up by the mic. The best distance is holding the mic 2 to 3 inches away from the mouth during singing so that your voice can be beautifully and comfortably projected to the audience. Learn singing at Sing and You with proper mic techniques now! Enquiry: 2146-1188

唱歌經常需要使用咪高峰,但若咪高峰的擺放位置不對,就會影響唱歌質素。擺放得太近,容易造成沙啞及嗡嗡嗡的聲音。咪擺放得太遠,又會有收不到聲音的問題。歌手要把咪放在離口2-3吋的距離,才能把聲音很好地傳達給觀眾。來Sing and You掌握正確的用咪方法吧!查詢及預約試堂:2146-1188


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