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唱歌注意事項 Singing Do & Don’t

  • 不要在唱歌之前喝牛奶,這會令你嘴和喉嚨內形成粘液。

  • 不要吸煙。這會損害你的肺部,你需要用它來呼吸和唱歌!

  • 不要嚼香口膠。

  • 不要一開始就唱得太久。聲帶是肌肉,需要時間鍛鍊力量和敏捷性。

  • 清嗓子會傷害你的喉嚨。

  • 不要拿著歌詞上台,因為這會損害了你的形象。頭抬起,看著觀眾,但不要對上他們的眼睛。

  • 當演唱了一段長時間,最好喝一匙蜂蜜或喝一口止咳糖漿。

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  • Do not drink milk before singing, which can cause mucus in your mouth and throat.

  • Do not smoke. It will damage your lungs. You need it to breathe and sing!

  • Do not chew gum.

  • Do not sing too much at the beginning. The vocal cords are muscles. Its strength and agility need to be built gradually.

  • Harsh cough will hurt your throat..

  • Do not take the lyrics to the stage because it will ruin your professional image. Head up, Looking to the audience but don’t look into their eyes.

  • When singing for a long time, you better drink a tablespoon of honey or drink a cough syrup.

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