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10 Tips for Healthy Singing Voice Part 2 健康唱歌聲線的十個小貼士(下)

All singers desire a healthy singing voice. What should we do in order to maintain a nice vocal? There are 10 tips for all of you and here are the remaining 5 tips.

(6) Talk with low pitch level

Talk with the same pitch level when you say “Umm-hmm?”.

(7) Reduce chance of using your voice

Share the talking tasks with your colleagues and rearrange your content in phrases rather than in long paragraphs. Take a short breath before starting a new phrase.

(8) Breathe silently

Breathe softly could help to activate the muscles related to breathing and minimize neck tension.

(9) Perform vocal warm-ups

Perform vocal warm-ups and cool-downs before and after singing so as to keep your voice healthy. Like other athletes, it is crucial for singers to train and treat their musculoskeletal system in a good manner.

(10) Reduce irritation to your throat

Avoid smoking as cigarettes are harmful to your cardiovascular and respiratory system, which brings catastrophic impacts to both your speaking and singing voice. Besides, reduce the chance of inhaling irritants and drugs which affect your nervous system such as tobacco and marijuana. Be sensitive to your own body status while singing, no matter physical, spiritual or mental health.

Besides getting tips about voice care, would you like to get tips for singing skills? You are recommended to sign up for a trial session of the group or individual singing classes taught by professional vocal coach. Our vocal coach could provide tips on singing for self-improvement. For more details, please call Sing and You +852 21461188 or message us through WhatsApp 96981248.


(6) 保持低音高說話


(7) 如非必要 減少使用聲音


(8) 安靜呼吸


(9) 多做聲帶熱身運動


(10) 減少對咽喉的刺激


除了保護聲線的小貼士外,你想要些唱歌技巧的小貼士嗎?歡迎聯絡Sing and You預約小組歌唱班或個人歌唱班試堂,由聲樂導師提供專業歌唱訓練,助你在歌唱技巧上更上層樓。如有任何疑問,歡迎致電Sing and You +852 21461188 或 96981248 (Whatsapp)。


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