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掌握唱歌的秘密--控制呼吸 Secrets to Professional Singing--Manage Your Breathing

如果你不能掌握呼吸的方法,你就不能掌握唱歌的方法。請謹記唱歌與説話的呼吸方式完全不同。控制你的呼吸,你就能夠發現自己在唱歌上有極大的進步。來Sing and You學習唱歌,讓Steve 及我們的專業聲樂老師指導你正確的呼吸方法吧!歡迎來電查詢: Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp)

If you can’t manage your breathing, you cannot sing well. It is important to note that breathing for singing and breathing for speaking are totally different. Control your breath and you will be able to make huge improvements in singing. Come to Sing and You for a private singing lesson or singing course and get tips on breathing techniques from Steve and our vocal coaches. Vocal coaching can help you sing better and reach to the next level. Call us at +852 21461188 or Whatsapp us 96981248


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