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11 Keys to Brilliant Singing Voice (2) 11個唱歌好聲音的關鍵(2)

What should we do if we love singing but got a bad voice? There are certainly things to improve your singing voice. Here are the tips:

7) Self awareness. Singers should always be aware of their voices when they sing. Singers should be able to notice whether they are singing in tune or at the right volume.

8) Listen more. Singers with good voice use their ears as often as their voice. Listening to more songs with different styles or checking own pitch can improve one’s singing.

9) Knowing own range. Different singers have different vocal range. It is important to understand own vocal range and avoid vocal strain and damage.

10) Breathing. To sing a song smoothly, singers should be able to breathe in and out at the appropriate position. It is important to have solid foundation and proper techniques on breathing.

11) Take care of your voice. Drink more water, have plenty of rest, do warm-up exercises to protect your vocal cords. If you are feeling unwell, never force yourself to sing, take it easy and rest your vocal cords.

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如果我喜歡唱歌,但沒有好的唱歌聲音,那怎麼辦呢? 以下的方法絕對有助改善你的聲線,鍛鍊唱歌好聲音。






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