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音癡有救嗎?(上)Can I heal my tone deaf?

紐約州立大學水牛城分校的心理學者彼得.佛德瑞雪(Peter Pfordresher)說:「其實每個人都有控制音準的基本能力,這點令人驚訝。」


  多倫多貝克列斯特醫院(Baycrest Hospital)羅特曼研究所(Rotman Research Institute)的心理學者尚恩.哈欽斯(Sean Hutchins)表示:「唱歌的過程很難精確觀察,我們發聲的機制和彈奏鋼琴不同,深埋在喉嚨裡不易觀測。」


 每個人都有自己的音感(sense of pitch),也就是對音高的定位,這不只與音頻有關,也有主觀印象的因素,與家庭、同輩和各種文化影響息息相關。而影響歌聲的因素包含音高、持續時間和音量等。

  而法國蒙貝利耶第一大學(Montpellier 1 University)心理學者西蒙.達拉貝拉(Simone Dalla Bella)主持的相關研究顯示,若將走音定義為相差超過1個半音,非音樂家的實驗者中其實有高達85%到90%的人都能把聽到的音唱準,聽唱不準的人僅佔10%到15%。

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Psychologist of State University of New York at Buffalo Peter said: "It is surprising that everyone has the basic ability to control the pitch."

  Nevertheless, some studies have pointed out that there are indeed about 10 percent of adults who are poor in singing because 4% of them suffer from amusia, patients can not distinguish the tone, and even know happy birthday song.

Psychologist of the Rotter Research Institute at the Baycrest Hospital in Toronto Sean Hutchins said: "The process of singing is difficult to observe, we sound different from piano, our sound buried in the throat so it’s not easy to observe."

Sound disaster

Everyone has his own sense of pitch, which is not only related to audio, but also subjective factors, which is closely related to family, peers and a variety of cultural impact. The factors that affect the voice include pitch, duration and volume.

While psychologist of Montpellier 1 University Simone Dalla Bella shows that if the sound is defined as a difference of more than one semitone, non-musician's subject can sing the right tone as high as 85% to 90%, others are about 10% to 15%.

Hutchins pointed out that Dala Bella underestimated the number of people who can’t sing - if the allowable error of the sound is reduced to a quarter of the sound, then among the 53 uneducated subjects. 25 people will crack.

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