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Learn Language through Singing 從唱歌中學習語言

It is of paramount importance to have real-life and in-context material while studying. Learning a language is no difference.

Spoken language can be learned through the lyrics of the song. For example, people mostly use ‘wanna’ instead of ‘want to’ in real life. Singing is also beneficial for pronunciation. When words are connected to rhythm and melody, it gives us a deeper impression and people can memorize the words faster. Last but not least, singing helps us understand another culture and customs. People can break cultural and geographical barriers to make more connection to others all around the world.

Singing is full of power and it’s beneficial in all aspects. Come to Sing and You and learning singing with our professional vocal coaches. Book a trial at 2146-1188 or whatsapp 9698-1248 for more enquires.


唱歌時,我們能從歌詞中發現很多日常口語的字詞。例如英文歌中,我們會經常發現“wanna”而不是“want to”。唱歌對我們的咬字發音也有幫助,當字詞與旋律連結在一起時,那種節奏感會令我們對字詞的印象更為深刻,加強記憶。最後,唱歌能使我們了解其他國家的文化及背景,人們可以打破語言及地域的限制,與世界各地的人交流。

音樂的影響力巨大非常,而唱歌更能帶來各種的好處。來SIng and You與我們的專業聲樂導師練習唱歌吧。可致電至2146-1188查詢或whatsapp 9698-1248預約試堂。


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